Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Visits All Souls Adult Education--

Notes from Jacqui's inspiring presentation on "Our Call to Justice"

Our identity is narrated 
We become our stories
Therapy, friends, chosen family
What does it mean to be a part of a chosen story?

What is the story of All Souls?
Community of open hearts and open minds
Upper east side

New York City has a story-- 
A city of neighborhoods

Each story has plot points
Individually narrated but also groups are narrators
Leaders are able to change the stories of followers and to help them "catch a vision for the prefered reality."

Howard Gardner-- reference 

How do we make change happen?
Stories- what we want it to be 
Speaking truth to power
Finding theological ground for our work--Universalists- all are saved 
"We are the ones we've been waiting for"

Jacqui has been preaching on "God's economy"
"Is there a need in the world and it's shaped like me?"

There are competing stories as we build community.
Is all we have to do is tell our stories?
We have to write a new story, and see lies as stories that require a counter narrative.

Fundamental truth and courage-- Now is the time
Better world- fundamental truth
We can agree on the consensus
Fundamental true story-- the interfaith story is finding the core vision

Fundamental shared narratives-One on one- beginning conversations- 
Search for truth will take you out of your comfort zone-story that will take you out of your comfort zones

You are the messiah- the anointed
How far is too far for you? violence, danger 
How does your faith- what do I really believe
How does what I really believe impact what our world should look like
What does my faith tell me the world should look like?
What else is faith for but to change the world?