About the Task Force

How did it begin? Called into being by Task Force member Blanca Rodriguez and the All Souls ministry team, the Diversity Task Force is charged by the board to respond to the Strategic Plan Initiative:
Deepening Our Capacity for Diversity: We will intentionally welcome people of diverse racial, ethnic and demographic backgrounds, sharing common spiritual ideals and celebrating our differences. 
What is the Diversity Task Force? We are a committed group of All Souls leaders with diversity in age, race, sexual orientation, religious background, language and culture. We are invigorated by and inspired to do to the work of deepening the capacity for a diverse All Souls.  We are Sabrina Alano, James Backmon, Daniel Gregoire, Carolyn Jackson, Rejina Jennings, and Blanca Rodriguez. Rev. Lissa Gundlach and Director of Religious Education Taryn Strauss offer staff and ministry leadership. We are also joined by Board Members Jennifer Vermont-Davis and Olumide Wilkey.
What does “diversity” mean? In the plan for strategic direction, the congregation voted to further commit to deepening our capacity for racial and ethnic diversity. All Souls is a diverse congregation of identities in many ways—age, gender, sexual orientation, religious background and life-experience. To deepen our capacity for diversity means working to become a welcoming and inclusive religious community that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our world. To deepen our capacity for diversity is to fulfill our call to the rich opportunities for spiritual growth, learning and service inherent in diverse religious community- what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. “the Beloved Community.”